Social media. Most people know the term, and it’s crucial to be very familiar with it in today’s day and age. However, don’t be afraid if you’re unfamiliar with social media marketing, or if you need to learn more, because there are always new things you have to learn, especially considering digital marketing is continually changing, growing and progressing.

Now there’s a report on CNBC entitled Why Your Social Media Sucks, and if your social media does indeed suck, not to worry. Again, there’s plenty for everyone out there to learn, even social media and marketing veterans.

Whatever the reason, an excellent first step in social media marketing is finding out what platforms your customers are using and then mastering one of those platforms. “Spend 20 minutes a day on this platform, familiarize yourself with your competitor’s content and what your customers are talking about. Make sure you like posts and comment to increase awareness of your brand. [Then] decide on a thought piece or post of your own that you can publish.”

As far as using the hard sell style of social media, this article explains it’s called social media, not sales media, which is why the hard sell often doesn’t work. “Social media won’t work with hard-sell messaging unless you have a product that sells itself.”

Another mistake people make with social media is “not replying to comments or copy-pasting generic responses to save time.” Don’t leave your followers “out to dry” with “their lonely comments hanging in midair, like an ignored high-five.” Engage with people, get back to them in a timely fashion. The key is keeping in touch.

Good video is also crucial. This article recommends you make it “cool, edgy and vibey…not dull boring ‘interview-style.’ Video communicates tone, body language, and personality in a way that no other medium can.”

With technology progressing and growing all the time, the future could also include virtual reality that could help people interact with clients like never before. Ultimately, it’s going to be, and this is a key phrase, “relationship driven.” It’s about personal interaction, even if it’s all being done through cyberspace without any physical or in-person interaction.

So if your social media sucks now, you still have to start somewhere, so just get started. Once you’re up and running, it should be obvious where you’re lacking, and you can only improve and go up from there.