While many would scoff at anyone seriously considering tweeting too much an addiction, but if tweeting can be an addiction, there’s one many many would indeed consider being addicted, namely President Trump.

*The Daily Mail has run an article that states, according to experts, he could indeed be addicted to Twitter and he could be “full blown” on the scale. As The Conversation reminds us, “addiction is continuing to exhibit a behavior despite its negative consequences,” and that “anything that produces pleasure in a person’s brain can lead to addiction.”

*Then again, is Twitter always giving Trump pleasure? Could he be at a point where he’s still tweeting expecting pleasure, but not getting it because he built up a tolerance? He could have the withdrawal symptoms, which The Daily Mail reminds us are “feelings of irritability, stress, anxiousness, desperation and even panic that arise when not engaged in the behavior.”

*Author James A. Roberts has written a book, Too Much of a Good Thing: Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone? And he sees similarities between smartphone addiction and Trump’s possible twitter addiction. We do know that Trump doesn’t tweet throughout the day, that’s usually reserved for mornings and evenings, he does apparently get pleasure from it, especially when he gets attention from it, but he may not be spending “more time tweeting than he should,” although his wife has nagged him about cutting back on tweeting.

*If Trump is indeed addicted to Twitter, professional help is, of course, available, and he can also help himself by setting up times of the day when tweeting is not allowed. He can also block his access to Twitter during specific days and times.