Veganism – The New Conscious Trend

A growing number of socially conscious people are becoming more aware of the impact factory farming is having on animals, humans & the environment. Documentaries such as “What the Health”, “Earthlings” and “Food INC” shed light on the factory farming industry. While “What the Health” focuses more on the impact that eating meat, eggs and dairy has on overall health & the way that adopting a vegan diet can not only heal, but reverse many chronic ailments, “Earthlings” and “Food INC” focus on the cruelty of factory farming, and how the demand for animal meat and byproducts has created far crueler farming methods to accommodate a massive demand by an ever-increasing population. For someone who is an inherent animal lover, there can be no “humane” method of killing an animal. 

Thanks to social media, there is an increasing trend towards animal activism and Veganism. Animal activists and organizations such as PETA are sharing behind the scenes footage from factory farms and slaughterhouses and are exposing this cruel industry. One such activist is James Aspey, an Australian, who has made it his sole mission in life to spread the word of love and compassion towards every animal and to expose the dairy and meat industries for their cruelty to animals & impact on human health and the environment. He continues to travel around the world to educate and spread his message. James took a 1-year vow of silence, cycled 5000km, got tattooed for 25 hours and has given 150 speeches – all in aid of animals. 

Veganism has become a healthy lifestyle choice. In the modern world, farm animals are pumped full of unhealthy hormones, overbred and subjected to extreme abuse. They have merely become a human commodity, rather than sentient beings who feel pain and emotion. We have lost touch with our connection to the land and animals. 

According to – A growing number of organic consumers, natural health advocates, and climate hawks are taking a more comprehensive look at the fundamental causes of global warming. And its led them to this sobering conclusion: our modern energy, chemical and genetically modified organism (GMO) intensive industrial food and farming systems are the major cause of man-made global warming. We need to address the environmental impact of factory farming. 

Veganism helps sustain the planet. Our natural resources are diminishing at a rapid pace – the ocean, the ozone, our rainforests and our water supply. Humans are dying every day of chronic diseases and most can be prevented by adopting a vegan diet, meditating and cutting out stress.