If you want to launch a social media marketing campaign, there is an essential demographic you need to be aware of Generation Z. Who exactly is Generation Z? What is the demographic? Okay, first things first…

Defining Your Audience For Generation Z

Before Generation Z, there was of course Generation Y and Generation X. Essentially Generation Z is the post-Millennial generation. As Forbes explains to us, people from Generation Z were mostly born between the years 1995 and 2014. (Other terms for Generation Z include iGeneration, Net Gen, Digital Natives, and Gen Z.)

As Forbes also points out, and this is a critical point, this is the digital generation that grew up with technology. Generation Z is very tech savvy. This is why Generation Z is an important target to hit with your social media marketing.

How Much Tech and Social Media Generation Z Devours

According to this report, Generation Z can spend an astounding six to nine hours a day engulfing a wide variety of media, and they take in media through many different kinds of screens like smartphones, TV, laptops, desktops, and tablets. (The previous generation, Millennials, usually watch on three different types of screens.)

The big challenge in appealing to Generation Z is their short attention span. Your content may be excellent, but they can potentially lose interest in your content quickly. “The goal is to make it easy for them to engage,” this article says.

As one social media influencer recommends, to keep Generation Z people engaged, it’s recommended you use social sharing buttons to your social media platforms. This is not hard to do with your platforms, and it means your content can be easily shared. Keeping it simple is a big key.

Considering Generation Z’s short attention span, “It’s important to keep headlines, titles for blog posts or webinars, clear and catchy. They need to be attention-grabbing and let readers know exactly what they will get for investing their time.”

The popularity of social media platforms is very divided among younger and older generations, and Generation Z people may not go towards the most popular platform.

According to the site Hootsuite, the popular apps are Snapchat, Whisper, Yik Yak and Secret. (Generation Z likes their privacy, and this is one reason why Facebook isn’t as popular with this generation.) When it comes to learning about new products and brands, Instagram is the most popular platform for Generation Z.

Generation Z also really likes social media influencers, but they’re not necessarily against celebrity endorsements. As Hootsuite explains, “79% of Gen Zers thought a celebrity is talking about why they like a brand was ‘always acceptable or sometimes OK.’ Least acceptable is when a celeb shows a brand in a post but doesn’t say anything about it.”

With the recent uprising of social media influencers, “there’s a new type of celebrity in town. Depending on the product, online celebrities can hold more sway with Gen Zers than more traditional celebrities.”