Pursuing A Passion. Profiles of persistence:

In a world with the Instagram, YouTube or Snapchat celebrity – the path to success is still not so easy for some.  To make it in modern America as a young man from Israel takes more than thousands of likes or followers on social media.

1.Chasing the Dream: Meet Oren:

Oren Yaacoby came to the U.S from Israel in 2011 to pursue alifelongg dream. The dream started with something as simple (but in reality, very difficult) as going to a music school. Oren’s talent in music editing in a program called “Pro Tools”, was always a second nature. He often found himself aiding his teachers in explaining & demonstrating the way Pro Tools worked to his own colleagues.  Oren would spend hours a day experimenting with editing picture to sound. It became obvious that he had a real talent for this sort of thing as his talents progressed and flourished.

2.Taking the Steps        

At Berklee School Of Music, Oren learned more about the art of film and film scoring. With this new knowledge he was able to put his hobby into the workplace later after graduating and receiving his degree. The obvious choice with a degree under his belt and an expansive knowledge of film and film scoring was to travel over to Tinseltown; the best place to find work in the film industry. There is an industry in Israel, but it is very small compared to Hollywood.

3. Working the Grind

Rather than making connections via Facebook or youtube, Oren tackled the daunting task of networking and meeting all the right people in this new and strange place. His friendly demeanor made it easy for people to show interest and to subsequently observe his talent at what he does. 

4. Maximizing Opportunities (Making your break)          

During this period of intense networking Oren met a well connected individual, Erica Weis, who saw the talent and gave Oren his first opportunity to assist her on the movie “Spy”. Upon the completion of “Spy”, Oren found himself given more opportunities almost immediately after.  His skill and speed landed him a job as an Assistant Music Editor on the new “Ghostbusters” movie within just few months after finishing “Spy” with Erica.    

5. Maintaining Momentum 

The most  recent success for Oren will premiere in November of this year. This accomplishment will be the release of an upcoming film entitled “Wonder” -an American drama based on the New York Times bestseller by author R.J Palacio. The film stars heavy hitters in Hollywood such as Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson and Mandy Patinkin. Not only did Oren work as the assistant music editor on this film, but he is also featured on the film’s score playing guitar on several cues.  Oren is very excited about this endeavor and hopes that more work and success will come of it.   

Oren is excited to continue his career in Los Angeles and is ever focused on growing on his successes. He will continue to go out and meet colleagues in his field and follow his passion for music- as this seems to be the route for him.