Reports are all over the news about teens struggling to deal with depression, anxiety, and their overall mental health. And indeed, you get the impression teens could be more stressed out than ever, but where social media has apparently been increasing teen anxiety and depression, there’s now an app called Airo that could actually help teens with their fears.

As TeenVogue reports, this app signals your personal anxiety triggers. What’s especially unique about this app is you wear a bracelet that monitors your nervous system, much like a heart monitor. Then the app knows what your personal stress and anxiety triggers, and a silent buzzer goes off when you encounter your personal stressors.

Because this app has a sensor on the bracelet, it can start giving you signals about stress before you even realize they’re coming. Then the app will download coping tips, like what times of the day you should be prepared for stressors. 

As an executive for the Airo App says, this app “gives you back the control of your life, and lets you objectively measure your anxiety so one can say ‘it’s not real’ or ‘just get over it.’”Understanding the physical effects of anxiety is also important for combating it. As this report tells us, a recent study says that “those who are tuned in to those feeling in their body are often better able to cope with and mitigate the symptoms.