How to Increase Your Oxygen Intake

Most people use numerous methods of improving their health, ranging from different exercises to healthy diets and supplementing. One thing that most people fail to take into consideration is their intake of oxygen. It might sound strange since most think that breathing oxygen is a given but the truth is that many people lack oxygen. 

According to an article on the Global Healing Center: “Oxygen deprivation doesn’t have to be sudden, like choking or drowning, to be a problem. Oxygen deprivation can be a long-term problem, occurring over months or years. The reasons are varied, but pollution and poor indoor air quality are among them. The health effects of oxygen deprivation can be severe; it’s even linked to tumor growth. Environmental concerns are amplifying the problem, and oxygen levels in the atmosphere are on the decline.”

So, the big question is, how do you increase your intake of oxygen?

Open the windows. It might sound like a no-brainer but letting fresh air into your house is a good way to increase your oxygen intake. Modern apartments are so tightly constructed that fresh air rarely leaks in. Therefore, the air inside your apartment might be full of contaminants. 

Exercise. offers some guidelines on the amount of exercise which is needed: “Exercise is one of the best ways to increase oxygen intake. Your fitness level is the largest determining factor in your oxygen level. Being out of shape causes poor oxygenation!  To get in shape, you need to periodically challenge your body through movement three times a week or so – not every day. Don’t overdo it, but rather slowly build your regimen. Intermittent exercise allows time for your body to repair and adjust to your new level of fitness comfortably. For example, if your fitness goal is to walk 15 miles a week at a fast pace, start with one-mile three times a week, and increase slowly to 5 miles 3 times a week to reach your goal. Getting in shape takes time and patience. Be careful. Warm up before you start, cool down at the end. If you’re elderly, overweight, or out of shape, take it slow and get your doctor’s opinion first. Find a walking buddy or a fitness coach to guide you.”

So, the next time you think of ways on how to improve your health, take into consideration that your oxygen intake is one of the most critical factors on your road to a healthier lifestyle.

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