It recently hit the news that you can go on Google and get an online screening to see if you’re depressed. Of course, there are some specialists who could have issues with this, and Medicalxpress reported expert commentary from several.

One clinical psychiatrist believes this is a good thing and it “could raise awareness to improve identification and treatment.” And indeed, this could be a good place to start for many people who are thinking about getting help.

Of course, this is a start, and this expert added this is “intended to prompt informed conversations with clinical professionals and to suggest potentially helpful resources.”

This expert also concluded, “Increasing the motivated public’s understanding of this validated screening tool could help to empower patients. Informed people may have a better chance of getting the help they may need.”

The cons to this could be a net search may not give an accurate diagnosis and one doctor feels patients should be diagnosed after being diagnosed by a human doctor. 

And one source feels that Google and service users should work together if this approach to mental health is expected to grow. “Only then will online tools be a key that unlocks sense-making, choice, and control.”