Detox Diets and You

Detox diets help rid your body of harmful toxins, but what are they and are they right for you? You will want to make an informed decision, because it isn’t wise to start one without some facts, so here are some things you should know:
Detox diets aren’t meant as a sole form of weight loss. They are used to rid your body of waste and harmful toxins. Sometimes laxatives are involved to work on your intestines, but there are other ingredients too, like foods high in fiber, fruits and vegetables, herbs, vitamins, supplements, and water.
You can find detox diet products in stores or online. These often come as powder to mix with water, or tablets. A detox diet resembles a 2-3 day fast, but with nutrition like a liquid protein drink or juice.
When you go on your detox diet, strip yourself of the food you normally eat, and replace it with liquids, vitamins, fruits, vegetables, any food high in fiber. Also strip yourself of the other toxins you put into your body, like nicotine or alcohol.
After a detox diet, you will feel refreshed and energetic, but it may be a bumpy ride getting there. If you aren’t used to it, the feelings of lethargy and your body’s reaction to not having regular food will be a shock to your system. Before you begin a detox diet, consult a doctor. Some people should not do a detox diet, but you won’t know for sure unless you ask a professional. Those who should use caution include people with diabetes and other diseases, including heart disease, women who are pregnant or nursing, and those with an eating disorder.
Even though a detox diet is only for 2 or 3 days, and only occasionally, it isn’t recommended for children and teenagers who need a full spectrum of nutrients for proper health and nutrition. Like any other diet-related routine such as exercise or calorie counting, detox dieting could become a habit, and some habits are hard to break. Don’t let it overtake your life, and don’t let it become your sole method of losing weight.
Some side effects one could experience during your detox diet include hunger, lethargy, mood swings,
and headaches. These occur because you have suddenly robbed all of the addicting things that it’s accustomed to, like sugar, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, etc.
Be aware that you will be going to the restroom often to rid your body of the waste. That’s really the only way a detox diet is successful.
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