There’s been a lot of people who are utilizing technology to help them with their addiction and mental health problems, and some feel that technology could indeed help reinvent the treatment industry.

Kouris Kalligas, the CEO of Therachat, an AI company that helps people, told
Hitconsultatnt, “Technology has been tested and proven effective in many advanced and innovative industries, and is now extending and applying its benefits to more regulated industries.”

Kalligas noted that the industry of mental health has still “lagged behind and is
often overlooked in regards to technology,” and that “the mental health industry is ripe for innovation.”

Kalligas reports that 58% of people with mobile phones “have downloaded at least one health-related mobile app.”

Kalligas feels that chatbots could help revolutionize the mental health industry: “Chatbots may eventually be able to customize the conversations they’re having with your clients… AI and machine learning will [eventually] enable you to have a personalized conversation with a chatbot.”