Bullying Awareness with The Clippers

Bullying Awareness
Bullying and Suicide Awareness Concert
Stand Up | Speakout | Make The Change
Honoring our Veterans for their Service

Game Date: 11/30/2107 CLIPPERS VS Utah Jazz
Pre-Game: 6:30pm | GAME TIME: 7:30pm

FEATURING: Obba Babatundé, Marvin Columbus, Andrew Lane, HB Barnum, Michael Speaks, Raja-Nee, h2the, Space,Carlos Johnson, Funk Master PapaRocks-Cee, Chester Whitmore, Nay-Nay Kirby, Amir & Amari O’Neal, K’ylnn Jackman, & Introducing The Crusader by P2P.

Additional info at silencebullies.com