A Night Out With The Guys

Young or mature, married or not, single or in a relationship, all men need to hit the pub now and then and meet their buddies for a few drinks. Was it a tiring day at the office, or a mid-term exam, or maybe one’s having some problems with relationships, love, finances, career, or life in general, sometimes having a night out with guys is the only thing that can save the day.

It might seem like it’s a bad habit since it involves consumption of alcohol. However, this kind of gatherings can be viewed as events of socializing where men share emotions with their friends and get some advice from one another.  According to Medical Daily: “A wealth of studies have shown that men routinely feel compelled to suppress emotion, fearing embarrassment that they’ll be seen as unmanly or weak. But the emotional expression is important to one’s mental health, and a pub (or bar, for the Yank) serves as a setting for that expression. Men who drink with their friends see the space as safe, and as a way to broach otherwise taboo topics.”

Of course, everything has to happen in moderation. Overdrinking can turn the event from a cozy socializing evening to a night to forget, and the only results will be intoxication and a damaged liver. However, as some studies show, a proper night out with friends in a pub is considered among men as beneficial for their mental health. The leader of one of the studies, Dr. Carol Emslie, stated: “There is a stereotype that men are strong and silent about their mental health, and it is something they never talk about. This wasn’t what we found. It was very much the idea that alcohol or drinking in these communal groups had this positive effect on your mental health.”

Besides, an evening like this creates the feeling of togetherness and sharing. Who doesn’t like to be invited for a drink or buy a round of beers for everybody now and then? Whoever is doing better on a particular occasion can help the less lucky ones bounce back from the stress and depression and get back on track. After all, wouldn’t they also do the same for him? Creating this kind of a communal experience and a tradition can serve as a getaway from problems and worries of everyday life. Nevertheless, it is vital to keep the balance and not turn these socializing events into platforms for irresponsibility and alcoholism.

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