26 Million Americans Need Mental Health / Addiciton Services

According to recent statistics there are nearly 26 Million Americans who need Mental Health/ Addiction services, and only a fraction of those actually receive it. With the implementation of the ACA (Affordable Care Act) more Americans are now able to access the kinds of care they need, making the Mental Health/Addiction space a popular one for investment groups and those seeking to make a difference.

With the advent of social media and other digital outlets our youth have turned, now more then ever, to express their feelings and seek help on the internet. More often then not, the help that they are seeking cannot be found online, and those seeking to help often have different intentions or the lack of ability to actually provide effective assistance. Shootings and suicides have spiked in the adolescent and young adult age brackets as well as a significant rise in the use of illicit substances, prescription medications, and associated symptoms and deaths.

According to a recent survey by NAMI Mental Health and Addiction needs on college campuses is significant while perceived access to resources is far behind.

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